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"Providing revolutionary operations management,
remote sensing and control solutions,
to help the growers of today feed the world of tomorrow."

AgTech Industries has developed revolutionary, scalable, agriculture operations software, AgInstinct™ and infield telemetry, AgriCapture™


    Transforming infield data into decisions through our map and color based field level operations and control platform.


    Offering both Apple and Android mobile applications, allows you to save time while making better informed growing decisions. The ability to confidently schedule, control and monitor irrigations through your phone, provides the flexibility to pulse irrigate with real time information throughout your fields.


    is a smart infield telemetry system, designed to collect sensor data and control irrigation on a grower’s ranch. This system has been designed to be installed by the grower, reliable and supported by a local dealer near you.

About US

AgTech Industries (ATI) was born when we could not find appropriate tech solutions to meet our production grower’s requirements. Aaron Magenheim, Founder & CEO, grew up immersed in the family agricultural irrigation company on the California Central Coast. He pioneered one of the first stand-alone AgTechnology integration companies, Signature AgTech, in 2013, with a mission to continuously bring new solutions to farmers while providing unprecedented support. Through his search for new technologies to help growers, Aaron has also become a leader in the AgTech movement ,speaking as a panelist around the country and acting as advisor to incubators, investors, startups, manufacturers and local governments.

Aaron & his long-time associate, Jesse Martin, recognized that the technologies available to the agricultural industry were sadly outdated, inefficient, and inadequate. After extensive research, they decided to create ATI, a software and hardware development company, to build the right products that customers are looking for and stay ahead of customers’ needs for years to come.

ATI has assembled a world-class team to provide innovative and effective solutions. Many factors combine with our deep understanding of agricultural operations to give us the advantages others lack, including AgTech knowledge, decades of grower relationships, unsurpassed customer service, and effective distribution channels. Our advisor circle incorporates M and A, business management, investment, marketing, hardware prototyping, and more.

We are building a dealer network comprised of companies that local growers already know and trust, providing training and assistance on the ATI suite of solutions so growers can have one point of contact and the best “boots on the ground” support possible.

Whether growers would like to simply monitor and record water consumption or remotely control all irrigation sets from a soil, weather and map-based perspective, the AgTech Industries solution is exactly what they have been looking for. ATI offers the first growing operations platform that actually allows utilization by all of the growers’ employees. This allows them to continue being farmers, but with a better understanding of their entire operation than they ever thought was possible.

Careers at
Agtech Industries

We are always looking for qualified individuals and partners that can bring other insight into our growing company

AgTech Industries, is a technology based company developed through acute understanding and experienced knowledge of the commercial agriculture industry. AgTech has created a revolutionary hardware and software solution to streamline a cost effective way agricultural farmers manage field level operations. A developed business plan to launch our proven technology solutions into the market for 2016 at a nationwide scale with the collaboration of dealers and established clients in the agriculture industry. AgTech has great pride in supporting the agricultural technology dealers locally as well as nationally.

Multiple positions available | California Office

Technical sales representative | California
Technical sales representative | Northern west coast
Technical sales representative | Central US

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