Triple Eccentric

Triple eccentric butterfly valves, also known as triple offset butterfly valves, are advanced and high-performance valves designed for applications that require tight shut-off and reliable performance under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. The “triple offset” refers to three different offsets in the design, which contribute to improved sealing capabilities and reduced wear. Here are some key features and characteristics of triple eccentric butterfly valves:

  1. Triple Eccentric Design:
    • First Offset (Concentric Offset): The disc’s center is offset from the centerline of the valve body, allowing for a tighter seal during closure.
    • Second Offset (Double Eccentricity): The shaft is positioned away from the centerline of the valve, reducing friction during rotation and minimizing wear on the sealing surfaces.
    • Third Offset (Triple Eccentricity): The sealing surface is inclined and conical in shape, providing a cam-like action during rotation. This design enhances the sealing efficiency and reduces wear over time.
  2. Metal Seating:
    • Triple eccentric butterfly valves often use metal seating, such as metal-to-metal or laminated metal seats. This enhances durability and performance, making them suitable for high-temperature and abrasive applications.
  3. High-Performance Sealing:
    • The triple offset design significantly improves the valve’s sealing performance, providing bubble-tight shut-off even in high-pressure and high-temperature conditions.
  4. Bi-Directional Sealing:
    • Triple eccentric butterfly valves are designed for bidirectional sealing, meaning they can provide a tight seal regardless of the flow direction. This feature adds versatility to their applications.
  5. Low Friction Operation:
    • The triple eccentric design reduces friction during valve operation, resulting in lower torque requirements and extended service life.
  6. Metal or Soft Seated Options:
    • Depending on the application, triple eccentric butterfly valves can be equipped with metal or soft seats. Soft seats are often made of materials like PTFE or elastomers and are suitable for applications where tight shut-off is essential.
  7. High-Pressure and High-Temperature Applications:
    • Triple eccentric butterfly valves are well-suited for demanding applications, including those found in power plants, petrochemical plants, oil and gas, and other industries with high-pressure and high-temperature requirements.
  8. Fire-Safe Design:
    • Some triple eccentric butterfly valves are designed to meet fire-safe requirements, ensuring they maintain their integrity in the presence of fire.
  9. Wafer, Lug, or Flanged End Connections:
    • These valves are available with various end connections, including wafer, lug, and flanged designs, allowing for easy integration into different piping systems.
  10. Actuation:
    • Triple eccentric butterfly valves can be operated manually or automated with electric or pneumatic actuators for remote control and precise flow regulation.

Triple eccentric butterfly valves are chosen for applications where reliable shut-off, minimal friction, and resistance to wear are crucial. Proper selection based on the specific requirements of the application, along with regular maintenance, ensures their effective performance in various industrial processes

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